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aaimba Offline Show - The Child's Drawing Book
Artist: Jerry Helle

"The child's drawing book" features 15 artworks that explore the relationship between a child's past and present, as well as how the environment in which a child grows up plays a significant role in shaping their character. While every childhood sparks from happy memories and a general sense of carelessness, many also happen to encounter the opposite. It may appear that the only issue with a child's behaviour is inherited or influenced by the peers with whom they choose to surround themselves but rarely do we look at the closest to a child, the parents. How may the people mean to love us most, play a role in our suffering? The contrast between colours and movement in my work explores this polarity of influences such as joyful moments, confusion, and frustration a child encounters as it starts to learn how to understand the world. Using figures and animals to act as metaphors for children's imaginations, representing anyone, with the goal of being as inclusive and unjudgemental as possible - like a child's mind while carrying a thoughtful message. This exhibition/project aims at reaching the attention of parents to open a dialogue between generations, understanding that the future of a child lies in the nuances of the present environment. Equally, this project aims to give younger generations a sense of comfort and being understood.

aaimba Gallery
Lise-Meitner-Str 39-41, 10589 Berlin

Opening: November 17, 2022
Closing: January 14, 2023

Current aaimba Conversation

aaimba Conversations - Philip Hudgson Dorrel
Philip Hudgson Dorrel is a Colombian artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. His works are inspired by Nespresso Coffe Capsules, with which he creates mosaic-like, pixelated images between sculpture and painting. What's fascinating about his works is that looking at them through your eyes won't give you a clear view of the works. But looking at them through your phone will give you a clearer idea of what is displayed. We sat down with him and talked about his upbringing, motivation and where he finds his inspiration.