aaimba Offline Show - Mariyama - Healer Energy
Current Offline Show: Mariyama - Healer Energy

In the solo exhibition, "Healer Energy", the Ghanaian-diasporic artist Mariyama raises the question of what potential lies in healing processes that are not only done individually, in private, but also collectively or even publicly. Her works centre upon what handlings of mental instabilities and trauma, especially transgenerational and black trauma, could be like. Mariyama views the interaction... Read More

aaimba Gallery
Lise-Meitner-Str 39-41, 10589 Berlin

Visits by appointment.

Opening: April 27, 2023
Closing: June 2, 2023

.kojo Adumatta
If I Ever Forget

aaimba Online Show -  - If I Ever Forget
Current Online Show: .kojo Adumatta - If I Ever Forget

Poem by Nana D'Artist - If I ever forget, remind me that I′m a King. If I ever forget, remind me that I′m a Queen.

If I ever forget is an artistic quest to find or to let find symbols of leadership on the African continent. How do African citizens nowadays and probably back in history detect their leaders in the form of symbolic appearance? Knowing there could not be just one, .kojo Adumatta set his focus on the first Adinkra symbol (Adinkrahene) and crowns.

Kweku Okokroko

aaimba Conversations - Kweku Okokroko
Current Conversation:

Kweku Okokroko is an artist based in Vienna, born and raised in Ghana. Wanting to study medicine, he quickly realised his passion for creating something unusual was a higher calling. So, merging into the city and experiencing new ways of living, he decided to transform his experiences into artistry storytelling.