aaimba in conversation with: Katharina Charlotte Reinhold

Katharina Charlotte Reinhold

Katharina Charlotte Reinhold started doing art for as long as she can remember, describing art as a companion through her childhood. She did her first art class at the age of 8 and gained her discipline through other hobbies like ballet. After graduating high school with a specialized art degree, Katharina moved to New York City for one year to concentrate on art classes. However, felt like staying in a big city after that year. So, instead of going back to the small German town in Hessen called Egelsbach, she decided to stay in Berlin, becoming a teacher doing classes with kids, where she finds inspiration for her paintings.
March 2022
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aaimba in conversation with: Verónica Lehner

Verónica Lehner

Verónica Lehner uses her art to make sense of the world around her. She describes her painting process as opening up and feeling the world. Born and raised in Cali, Colombia, Verónica found her artistic voice relatively young. Her passion for art led her to Berlin, where she studied Studio Art and Freie Kunst
February 2022
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aaimba in conversation with: Lia Kentzler

Lia Kentzler

Born in a small German town called Göttingen, Lia Kentzler started drawing and playing basketball at a young age, and she considers both as her passions to this day. Using a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, she got a scholarship to study in Canada. During Covid, she had a lot of time reflecting and using art as her creative outlet. Encouraged by her friends, she created more artwork and posted them on social media. Her art expresses hints of African culture from her roots being half Togolese and half Iranian.
January 2022
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aaimba in conversation with: Tomoyuki Ueno

Tomoyuki Ueno

Tomoyuki Ueno was born in Kobe, Japan in 1982 and is now based in Berlin for over 11 years. He could be best described as a minimalist sculpturer with a preference to juxtapose nature with human-made creations. In his artworks, he likes to explore the question of what art and nature are by using universal themes such as life, time and natural elements leading the viewer to integrate art into their daily life by recognizing its different patterns.
November 2021
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aaimba in conversation with: Barbara Evina

Barbara Evina

Barbara Evina is a documentary artist, in my opinion. Her paintings are scriptures of her history, upbringing and family occasions. Born in Mbalmayo, a small village in Cameroon. Her mother and her younger sibling moved to France, where she grew up in different French cities. Growing up in France, Barbara witnessed a lot of racism, odd situations with her white counterparts and learned to grow a thick skin. Her artworks are deeper conversations she has with herself and societal conventions. Questioning the status quo, finding her way out of adversities, and moving on with confidence.
October 2021
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aaimba in conversation with: Dominique Baron-Bonarjee

Dominique Baron-Bonarjee

Dominique Baron-Bonarjee is the definition of a cosmopolitan artist based everywhere and nowhere simultaneously. Her performances are well organised and thoughtful but yet emotional and deeply rooted in human nature and expression. She is a keen observer of social behaviours and questions how we engage, communicate or even react to our inner self. Talking to her is one of the most inspirational moments within this project. Dominique is currently working on her PhD, and we wish her all the best.
March 2021
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aaimba in conversation with: Dennis Rudolph

Dennis Rudolph

"Digital, analogue, inspiring, futuristic, spiritual" attributes that would perfectly fit in a description of Dennis Rudolphs artworks. He truly is a 21-century artist working with augmented reality while simultaneously bringing colours on the canvas. His works are a transformational play between an analogue reality and a fairytale digital cosmos. Doing that, he maintains to examine human behaviour in its beauty and its ugliness.
February 2021
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aaimba in conversation with: Maxim Gunga

Maxim Gunga

Maxim Gunga is a german artist based in Berlin. Friends, family and the emotional effect and leverage of colours are his primary source of inspiration. Maxims works are about everyday situations portrayed in his very own style and brushstroke. Being exposed to art by his grandmother led him to become an artist himself. He currently is in his last semester at HBK Braunschweig.
January 2021
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aaimba in conversation with: Christine Erikah Brey

Christine Erikah Brey

Born in the south of Germany Christine Erikah Brey found her interest in art and drawing at a very young age. Her works are predominantly drawn with graphite, and her motives are somehow taking out of an everyday life situation, but jet still contains surreal elements. She is a member of a female artist collective aimed to break the stigmatisation of drawings not being or considered infantile art. Christine's pieces are amazingly detailed and transport the amount of time and patients needed to create them.
November 2020
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aaimba in conversation with: Beagy Zielinski

Beagy Zielinski

Beagy Zielinski belongs to the kind of personalities I call "Creative Monsters". Ambitious, highly inspiring, focused on what's essential for her in that very moment and a brilliant business mind. Beagys affinity for colours and styles led her to be a world-known Stylist in the fashion industry. Asked how she would describe her artworks, she answered: "Me experimenting with paint and having fun."
October 2020
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aaimba in conversation with: Marcus Jealinho

Marcus Jealinho

Marcus Jealinho is a german based artist with roots in Brasil. He grew up with his caring adoptive family, where he was exposed to art at a very early age since his uncle is a painter and sculpturist too. Pan-African tradition and stories are the foundation of Marcus' creations. Art to him is a form of therapy and a triumph over pain and hardships, something infinite and borderless, a constant requestioning of the status quo.
September 2020
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aaimba in conversation with: Tarik Chebli

Tarik Chebli

Tarik Chebli is a French painter born in Nantes. His works look and feel like gateways to a fairytale world. Inspired by Japanese garden culture and nature, he creates mystical and yet very realistic atmospheres. Perfectionism is something evident in his works even though his process of creation doesn't resemble it. Paradoxically, his works simultaneously appear like a chaotic result of an artistic act.
August 2020
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aaimba in conversation with: Gabriel Selassie Tsagli

Gabriel Selassie Tsagli

Gabriel Selassie Tsagli is an outstanding multidisciplinary artist. Music, dance and painting are a few of his artistic repertoires. He was born in Ghana, lived in the USA and is currently based in Germany. He gets his inspiration from family and friends, where he finds the energy to master his challenges and transforms them into new creations of expression.
July 2020
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aaimba in conversation with: Thomias Radin

Thomias Radin

Thomias Radin's paintings are collages of cultural references through which he investigates questions of identity and epistemology. Elements of urban culture, juxtaposed with elements of early-modern European art create a map of aesthetical values that have informed the artist's practice. Borrowing to the musical technique of sampling, fragments of these memories and references are reappropriated. - Beya Othmani
June 2020
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aaimba in conversation with: Tamara Sandoval y Pereyra

Tamara Sandoval y Pereyra

Tamara Sandoval y Pereyra is a Landscape Designer and a self-taught plastic artist from Bariloche who currently works as a set dresser in films, advertising, tv shows based in Berlin. "Behind my thousand masks, I exist. Getting inspiration from our different Layers, trying to find my oldest me."
May 2020
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aaimba in conversation with: Olivia Berger

Olivia Berger

Olivia Berger is a berlin-based contemporary artist with roots in Mauritius and Germany. Urban Spree once described her as: "A playful mind between realistic and abstract interpretation of mystical and metaphysical thoughts."
February 2020
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