Katharina Charlotte Reinhold

aaimba in conversation with: Katharina Charlotte Reinhold
Katharina Charlotte Reinhold started doing art for as long as she can remember, describing art as a companion through her childhood. She did her first art class at the age of 8 and gained her discipline through other hobbies like ballet. After graduating high school with a specialized art degree, Katharina moved to New York City for one year to concentrate on art classes. However, felt like staying in a big city after that year. So, instead of going back to the small German town in Hessen called Egelsbach, she decided to stay in Berlin, becoming a teacher doing classes with kids, where she finds inspiration for her paintings.

aaimba Conversation Part 1

In Part 1, we are talking about Katharina's upbringing, personality, and the way to becoming an artist.

aaimba Conversation Part 2

In Part 2, we talk about the creation process, the ideas and the hardships behind Katharina's artworks.