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If I Ever Forget

aaimba Gallery Online Show:  - If I Ever Forget
Poem by Nana D'Artist - If I ever forget, remind me that I′m a King. If I ever forget, remind me that I′m a Queen.

If I ever forget is an artistic quest to find or to let find symbols of leadership on the African continent. How do African citizens nowadays and probably back in history detect their leaders in the form of symbolic appearance? Knowing there could not be just one, .kojo Adumatta set his focus on the first Adinkra symbol (Adinkrahene) and crowns.
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Ignorance is bliss

aaimba Gallery Online Show:  - Ignorance is bliss
Self-enslavement?, Refuge?, Freedom?
Neocolonialism, Exploitation, Emancipation
Society, Economics, Politics
Independence equals Poetic Justice?

This online show is about a Ghanaian man recording a voice message for his family back in Ghana. He describes his journey from Lybia to Malta and the horrible incidents he experienced as "refuging" to a brighter future. The artist is questioning the ignorant behaviour of the African diaspora without excluding himself on this topic.

Negus - Negusa Nagast

aaimba Gallery Online Show:  - Negus - Negusa Nagast
The debate on religious objects and historical works of art from West Africa forms the basis for the artworks by .kojo, a Berlin-based artist from Accra, Ghana. His collages behind frosted glass connect the current with the historical, anonymity with individuality. They are an expression of .kojo’s personal interaction with his Ghanaian roots from the Diaspora.